White Line

JP 38 Left Thinner

Jaguar White Line JP 38 Left
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Item no. JG-WL-49526
For professional use only

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The White Line JP 38 Left thinning shears come in an offset design with an ergonomic handle for relaxed working. These shears feature 38 thinning teeth with fine V-teeth serration for a pleasantly smooth, precise cut.

Available Length: 5.25"
Offset • Prism • Left-Handed
Offset Design Prism
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Long-lasting sharpness due to the use of forged high-quality steel and the ice-tempering process at -80 °C for solid hardness.

Precision blade-form thanks to the bending process. Features a Vario screw for easy, excellent cutting action. Screw can be adjusted with a coin.

Classic blades with a flat cutting edge angle for very good sharpness. Well suited for slice cutting thanks to hollow grinding and honing.

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