Maintenance & Service

Jaguar Maintenance

Service Check

After some time, every pair of shears will lose its initial sharpness (depending on individual level of use). At Jaguar, your shears will be serviced and sharpened professionally.
Stylists in Germany may send their shears directly to Jaguar in Solingen. Stylists in all other countries please contact your specialized Jaguar dealer. For repairs and general service inquiries, call Bonika Shears at (770) 972-4332.


Wipe the blades and pivot area of your Jaguar shears daily. Add a drop of Jaguar cleaning oil to the pivot area to achieve optimum cutting performance. Open and close the shears several times to spread the oil. Ideal tension ensures smooth opening and closing and soft cutting. Your shears will cut effectively and comfortably at any desired position or angle, and edge sharpness will be maximized.


All shears must be professionally sharpened by Bonika Shears or Tweezerman. Your warranty will be null and void if your shears are not professionally sharpened through Bonika Shears or Tweezerman. For more information on how to get your shears sharpened, click the button below.


How to Test the Right Tension

Tension can be tested by carefully opening and closing the shears. When the tension is set properly, the blades of the shears should close gently, not fall shut. Very little pressure is needed to close the shears.

Tension Adjustment

All Jaguar shears have a patented set screw for fine adjustment of the tension. Please use the enclosed adjustment tool. Turn the screw clockwise to tighten the tension or counter-clockwise to loosen it. Then check again for correct tension.

Maintenance Tips

Click the button below to download additional care tips and an in-depth guide on maintaining your Jaguar shears.