Patents & Developments

Jaguar Patents

The offset position of the two shear rings relieves tension in the muscles of the arm, neck, and shoulders. Cutting becomes comfortable and effortless.

The symmetrical position of the two finger rings deliver a traditional cutting sensation.

Short, downward angled thumb handle for ergonomic working posture and a relaxed-feel while cutting. Arm, neck, and shoulder muscles remain relaxed.

The angled thumb ring reduces friction and pressure marks and gives secure control of the shears. Cutting becomes even more pleasant and comfortable.

The rotating insert ring moves with the thumb. Friction and pressure marks are prevented without affecting the sense for the shears.

The movable thumb ring follows the natural movement of the thumb during cutting and ensures total relaxation. Individually lockable in any position. (Except model Flex)

High-quality coating prevents direct contact between the skin and the steel for protection in case of nickel allergy.

Guarantees the ideal cutting angle in any position, thereby delivering a precise, straight cut over the entire length of the blade.

Classic blades with a flat cutting edge angle for excellent sharpness. Micro-serration on one blade avoids slippage of the hair.

Jaguar Prism

V-teeth serration of the thinning teeth provide a smooth, soft feeling during closing. Hair is cut securely and precisely, without slippage.